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$700 robot can fold your laundry in less than a minute

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If folding the laundry is a step too far for you, help is at hand.

Dubbed ‘Your laundry folding friend’, FoldiMate uses a conveyor belt, several robotic arms and an adjustable tray that pushes out expertly folded apparel in less than a minute.

‘FoldiMate is a robotic clothes and laundry folding machine, the only way it knows to fold is like an expert. ‘FoldiMate Family, our home targeted robotic laundry folder, will quickly become a must have in every household around the world. Not only does it take over folding duties, but the device also reduces wrinkles with a built-in steamer. FoldiMate says it takes about 10 seconds to fold most items and an extra 20 to 30 to steam wrinkles out.

‘We developed a patented robotic method to fold clothes that reduces the machine size by a 1/3rd or less, while keeping the target price point affordable to consumers and businesses alike,’ explains FoldiMate.


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