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A Man Given 18 Months to Live Is Now Cancer-Free, Thanks to a New Drug

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In Brief Three years after being told he only had 18 months to live, a patient in the UK is now cancer-free after participating in a clinical trial for a new drug.

Three years after first being diagnosed with lung cancer, Bob Berry from Manchester, UK, is now cancer-free, all thanks to his participation in a clinical trial for a mysterious new drug.

The drug does not have a name, but it is reportedly used in combination with immunotherapy to help the body fight off the cancer itself.

The trial took place at The Cristie, a cancer research center that’s part of the UK’s National Health Service and one of only six centers worldwide participating in the trial.

Berry was one of the very first people to be treated with the drug a mere 12 months ago. “Three years ago, I was given 12-18 months to live, but I have already surpassed that and I feel well,” said Berry.

It is still in its earliest trials and much more testing will be needed before the drug is available for widespread use.


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