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Albert Einstein Believed In Aliens, But Doubted Our Methods To Contact Them – Was He Right? | Empeopled

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When people-even scientists-record and communicate the size of various animals, they tend to exaggerate the beasts’ size.

Looking to set the record straight, scientists have put together a comprehensive survey of past studies and verifiable documentation to determine the accurate size of a range of marine animals, from crabs to whales.

They found that in many cases that the alleged record size for a species was significantly larger than anything that could be scientifically validated.

“It’s sort of human nature to make everything bigger, and we are poor observers of size in general,” says study lead author Craig McClain, a marine biologist at Duke University.

Accurate record sizes of marine animals Matthew Maxwell and Pablo Alvarez Vinagre at StudioAM. They came up with the new, more accurate records by consulting recent peer-reviewed studies, polling scientists around the world, and even looking at measurements of specimens sold on eBay.

Dealers who fudge size statistics don’t tend to survive, he adds.

So check out the above image in case you want to know the accurate record size for the ocean’s behemoths-whether it be the 120-foot lion’s mane jellyfish or the 4.5-foot-wide giant clam.


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