Ascendence Biomedical: Paths to Decentralized Medical Treatments & Saving Lives

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Many companies are attempting to sell life saving treatments for life saving treatments such as gene editing for cancer and Orphan Diseases aka rare and deadly diseases for around 50,000 a treatment.  Ascendance Biomedical explains how Etherium Cryptocurrency backed by real value is their solution to decentralizing medicine and know that Blockchain is here to stay. In combination with new methods of performing Gene Editing Cheaply and clinical trials they are both creating and delivering cures quickly, efficiently, and safely with animal to human trials.

Using blockchain and Ascendence Coins to distribute access and information are being used by Ascendance Biomedical to decentralize Healthcare.

You can find more information for Ascendence Biomedical at their website here

Post Author: Carla Marie Parsons

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