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Astronomers Are Checking if That Weird Interstellar Object Is an Alien Space Probe

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Our Solar System was recently introduced to the first interstellar object in late October.

The object, called ‘Oumuamua, has caught the attention of astronomers and space enthusiasts who are toying with the possibility of it being an interstellar space probe sent by an advanced civilisation elsewhere in the universe.

Shortly after meeting with Harvard’s astronomy department chair, Avi Loeb, Breakthrough Listen announced it will be focusing on ‘Oumuamua to investigate if the object is transmitting radio signals, a telltale sign that it’s not just a space rock.

In an email to Milner, Loeb says, “The more I study this object, the more unusual it appears, making me wonder whether it might be an artificially made probe which was sent by an alien civilisation,” which put a great deal of heft behind such a claim.

The shape of the object also is peculiar as it is much longer than it is wide, while most asteroids are rounder in shape. Breakthrough Listen will begin listening to the object using the Green Bank Telescope starting this Wednesday, December 13, at 3 pm Eastern time.

The telescope will look at the asteroid for ten hours across four bands of radio frequency in the hopes of intercepting a radio signal transmitted from the object.


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    “I didn’t ask for anal probe.”

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    Now we’re talking! Chase it down with VASIMR

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