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Augmented Reality: Marketing’s Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

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Most people believe augmented reality means adding something to the real world that isn’t there.

As low-cost augmented glasses become widespread, imagine walking down a well-stocked grocery aisle and seeing only foods that are sugar-free or that fit your new keto diet.

Apple’s new ARKit developer software enables app developers to efficiently connect the real and augmented worlds with machine learning and artificial intelligence, thereby increasing sales funnel success rates.

With thousands of brands wanting to overlay our vision with augmented graphics, consumers are going to have to decide which brands they trust with altering their reality.

Given the thousands of companies vying to be the consumer’s augmented reality filter of choice, the next battlefront for the hearts and minds of consumers will be the brands that learn how best to display coupons, recipes and loyalty programs in this new augmented world.

According to a Deloitte survey, 88 percent of mid-market companies are already using some form of virtual or augmented reality as part of their business.

The bottom line is, marketers and brands that are experimenting with augmented apps for phones and tablets are gaining the insights needed to prepare for the AR headsets of tomorrow.


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1 thought on “Augmented Reality: Marketing’s Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

    Jim Smith

    (January 23, 2018 - 8:04 pm)

    They can get hosed.

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