The Possibilist Transactional Interpetation of Quantum Mechanics

by Adam Alonzi The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics attempts to resolve the apparent paradoxes left unsatisfactorily unraveled by other interpretations. One of its appealing qualities is its compatibility with and usefulness in making sense of experimental evidence without the introduction of hidden variables or conscious observers. By dispensing with these contrivances TIQM demystifies concepts […]

Polypharmacology: A Brief Overview

In contrast to combination and single drug/single target strategies, polypharmacology (not to be confused with polypharmacy) suggests it is often desirable to develop single drugs with multiple therapeutic targets, although a handful of researchers use the term interchangeably with the use of drug cocktails. This paradigm shows immense promise in treating polygenic disorders as well […]

Amphibians Through the Ages: Why Frogs Matter

Authors: Lydia Fucsko and Adam Alonzi     Amphibian derives from the Greek words ‘amphi’ (double) and ‘bios’ (life) – and their unique life cycles have made them icons of the environmental movement. Frogs have become symbolic of biodiversity conservation and environmental water management.    Although there are a plethora of amphibians and water sources, the conventional […]

The Two Faces of Aging: Cancer and Cellular Senescence

Author: Adam Alonzi Aging, inflammation, cancer, and cellular senescence are all intimately interconnected. Deciphering the nature of each thread is a tremendous task, but must be done if preventative and geriatric medicine ever hope to advance. A one dimensional analysis simply will not suffice. Without a strong understanding of the genetic, epigenetic, intercellular, and intracellular […]

Deep Learning Fuels Nvidia’s Self-Driving Car Technology

Author: Micah Blumberg Nvidia’s new “Self Driving Car System” features “Deep Learning” which is also known as Artificial Intelligence. Deep Learning is the key part of what makes Nvidia’s technology so brilliant. Nvidia’s Drivenet platform is being used by Nvidia’s partners (Volvo, Audi, Daimler, Toyota, Ford, Preferred Networks (AI), Toyota, ZMP (Robotics) and BMW) to […]

Inflammation and Anti-Inflammatories

Author: Rima Martin and Adam Alonzi     We usually consume what our hearts and stomachs desire, but everyday foods can damage our health if taken in excess. Our body’s inflammatory process a wonderful part of the immune system. If your immune system and its ability to intelligently manage inflammation became impaired you would have […]

Free Virtual Reality Cognitive Training App for Gear VR Released on the Oculus Play Store.

Author: Micah Blumberg Cerevrum is a new cognitive training Virtual Reality game available on Gear VR. It can be downloaded for free from the Oculus Play Store! The game combines neuroscience with data driven artificial intelligence to adjust to different skill levels. It is intended to help improve cognition.  The game uses your head movement to […]

Neurotechnology and the Future of Art

Author: Adam Alonzi   Mind-machine interfaces, the decoding of the brain’s workings, and other unforeseen advances in neurotechnology will usher in a creative explosion unparalleled in all history. It has implications for music, literature, and how, on the most basic levels, reality is experienced. Through future apparatuses ancient questions about aesthetics can be resolved or, […]

Understanding the Fundamentals of the 3D Bioprinting Space

Author: Adam Alonzi For medicine bioprinting is a necessity and an inevitability. The demand for organs will surely continue to climb with the global median age. Yet what hurdles lie in the way of creating a renewable supply? One major engineering obstacle is properly seeding and feeding the culture in order to create a functional organ. […]