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Bacteriobots Hold ‘A Lot Of Promise’ To Treat Cancer, Says Doctor.

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Summary: The recently perfected bacteriobot holds ‘a lot of promise’ in treating cancer says a physician. The new self-propelled, cancer-seeking bacteriobot swims right into the tumor and zaps it with a deadly payload of cancer drugs. Scientists have been developing bacteriobots for several years, with one research team improving on the bacteriobot model created by the previous one.

The fascinating story leading to the development of the modern bacteriobot has its twists and turns, with researchers ‘borrowing’ ideas from one another in the race to revolutionize cancer treatment.

The term bacteriobot is credited to researchers from Chonnam National University in Gwangju, South Korea who invented a prototype nanorobot based on bacteria and gave it the name bacteriobot.

Despite its limitations, CNU’s first bacteriobot prototype laid the groundwork for later scientists and was a genetically-modified non-toxic salmonella bacteria that delivered targeted cancer treatments to tumors.

The first group at CNU came up with the bacteriobot concept: a tumor-seeking, self-propelled bacteria with cancer drugs strapped to its back.


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