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CAD Is a Lie: Generative Design to the Rescue

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A new blood treatment developed by researchers in Greece reportedly has the power to reverse menopause, enabling post-menopausal women to release eggs once again.

Unlike men, who continuously produce sperm, women are born with all of their eggs, and release, on average, one a month between the start of puberty and the start of menopause.

Eventually – normally around age 50 – menopause starts, ending fertility by stopping the body from releasing eggs. Around 1 percent of women also go through early menopause – which occurs when eggs stop releasing before a woman turns 40.

Now a team of researchers led by Konstantinos Sfakianoudis from Genesis Athens – a Greek fertility clinic – is claiming they’ve actually been able to reverse menopause, using a woman’s own blood to restart her menstrual cycle.

To make the news even more exciting, Hamzelou reports that the team was able to fertilise two of these eggs using her husband’s sperm – but the team is waiting to have three fertilised eggs before implanting them in her uterus.

Plus, the treatment could also offer women the option to forego the unpleasant side effects of menopause, such as hot flashes and hormonal changes, whether they want to get pregnant or not.


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