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Choice Conversations: Real AGI with Peter Voss – Artificial Intelligence Series Part 4

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Fifteen seconds before nine AM on Saturday, September 13, Jay Rogers and his 10-member team were still adding the final touches-logos, a few tweaks to the dashboard cowling-to the world’s first-ever 3D printed car.

Groundbreaking as it sounds, printing a car is just one part of his grand plan to reinvent American automobile manufacturing. We printed the wrong sized fender, and we were able to go right back to the printer and print another one and put it on. For the design, did you use the same competition-driven, online collaboration you used for Local Motors’ first car, the Rally Fighter, and other vehicles? We’re not just doing the Strati but also a line of vehicles designed by our community and 3D printed. We are the company that is bringing new car manufacturing to the market.

Since word of the GE project and, now, the 3D printed automobile have spread, have you been approached by other corporations or organizations interested in working with you on this?


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