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CIOs And CTOs Must Understand How The Internet Of Things Is Changing How Business Is Done

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One could argue industrial IoT was invented by stalwarts like Johnson Controls , Honeywell, Itron, General Electric and Schneider Electric last century through their sensors, meters and other devices used to monitor and manage HVAC, SCADA and other energy assets.

While there is considerable hyperbole around IoT, the demand on traditional industrial IoT platforms and infrastructure has never been greater. IIoT is fundamentally changing how businesses manage their critical assets and the data originated from each endpoint. Traditional IoT is forcing telecom providers, enterprises and cloud providers to change their business models not to just thrive, but survive. There is a tremendous interest and investment in nascent IoT startups; 2.

The big guys like C3 IoT , Cisco Jasper, GE and PTC are taking the oxygen out of the room with substantial growth rates and more importantly customer acquisition thereby leaving the smaller firms behind.

Vendors such as Cisco Systems , Hewlett Packard Enterprise Intelligent Edge, Inocybe and Red Hat are delivering solid solutions from the datacenter to the IoT edge to solve these complicated business challenges.


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