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Circuit Breaker

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BRAVE NEW WORLD. As the world of medicine is increasingly changed by biology, technology, communications, genetics, and robotics, predicting the outlook of the next few decades of medicine becomes harder.

That is exactly what Melanie Walker of the World Economic Forum does, and she predicts a bright new future for healthcare. Walker is the co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Future Council on neurotechnology and brain science and has been a doctor for the past 20 years. “Nearly 20 years ago, when I graduated from medical school, the world of healthcare was dominated by breakthroughs in the field of biology,” Walker said in the article. The lynchpin of Walker’s predictions is the increasing adoption of new healthcare technologies, not just in hospitals but in homes. Advancements in 3D printing have made great leaps in printing artificial organs, bones, and even tissue.

This isn’t a prediction designed to be 100 percent as new advancements and discoveries are made every day.


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