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Creative People Have Better-Connected Brains, Scans Reveal

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Highly creative people have more neural connections between the left and right sides of their brains, researchers have found, which suggests that creativity could be down to our built-in biology, as well as how passionate we are in art class.

The differences were found mainly in the brain’s frontal lobe – a very active region that’s responsible for cognitive processes such as making decisions, planning for the future, and speaking fluently.

Putting the scans and scores together, the researchers found that the top 15 percent of creative people in the group had significantly more connections than the bottom 15 percent, or least creative, people.

The researchers think their findings could one day enable experts to assess someone’s natural creative talents, predict creativity, or even track brain diseases in the elderly.

The findings do serve as more evidence of the importance of connectomics – a growing field of neuroscience that looks at the connections between parts of the brain, as well as the individual parts themselves.

With the brain being such a vast and complex organ, and one that varies tremendously from person to person, mathematicians are working on ways to spot previously hidden patterns in the huge mass of available data.

“The overall circuit structure across the brain is a more important predictor of phenotypes.”


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