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Department of Energy National Labs Recognized as International R&D Hub by International Atomic Energy Agency

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The world-class facilities at ORNL and INL support scientific discovery, medical and industrial isotope applications, and the advancement of nuclear fission, fusion energy, and global security technologies.

“This is a tremendous honor recognizing the critical work being conducted at DOE’s Oak Ridge and Idaho national laboratories, and it highlights the importance of our nuclear research facilities and the scientific and nuclear security contributions they bring to the world.”

HFIR, coupled with ORNL’s hot cell and other nuclear facilities, enables a diverse range of nuclear science and technology research, from examining materials for next-generation reactors to developing new types of nuclear fuel.

INL’s Advanced Test Reactor, Transient Reactor Experiment and Test reactor, nuclear fuel fabrication facilities, and nuclear facilities for post-irradiation examination of nuclear fuels and materials provide unmatched capabilities all in one geographic location.

ATR simultaneously provides irradiation of nuclear fuels, materials and isotopes for the U.S. Navy, DOE research programs, industry, universities and international customers.

Capabilities are being brought online to provide unprecedented examinations of irradiated materials, providing researchers across the nation and around the world even greater understanding of the processes in nuclear reactions, fuels, and materials.

INL is the nation’s lead-laboratory for nuclear research as well as leading DOE’s Nuclear Science User Facility, providing access to nuclear research capabilities at national laboratories, universities, and industry facilities.


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1 thought on “Department of Energy National Labs Recognized as International R&D Hub by International Atomic Energy Agency

    Jim Thompson

    (January 24, 2018 - 12:17 am)

    Why are we not focusing on molten sodium?

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