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eBay launches “the world’s first subconscious shopping experience”

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Online shopping giant eBay has teamed up with specialist retailer Saatchi Art to create an experimental shopping experience, which brings together art and technology to uncover shoppers’ subconscious desires.

For just 48 hours, the two retailers invited a select number of guests to attend a personalised shopping event, called The Art of Shopping. Robb Hattrell, vice president of eBay UK, described the technology as “The future of shopping”. At The Art of Shopping, guests were taken through a series of gallery spaces.

At the end visitors were presented with a personalised report showing which pieces of art triggered the strongest brain activity, and a digital shopping cart containing the items based on their subconscious preferences.

“Using the backdrop of the ultimate place of inspiration, an art gallery, we opened the first subconscious shopping experience, enabling people to shop authentically, and creating shopping carts that reflected what makes them, them,” said Bradford Shellhammer, who is head of personalisation and engagement at eBay.

The data showed that the former group found the shopping experience draining and quickly tired, whilst the more inspired shopper could browse for longer and experienced a prolonged emotional high at checkout.


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