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Experiment demonstrates quantum mechanical effects from biological systems

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Kumar and his team have, for the first time, created quantum entanglement from a biological system.

This finding could advance scientists’ fundamental understanding of biology and potentially open doors to exploit biological tools to enable new functions by harnessing quantum mechanics.

“People have asked this question for many, many years-dating back to the dawn of quantum mechanics. The reason we are interested in these new quantum states is because they allow applications that are otherwise impossible.”

Quantum entanglement is one of quantum mechanics’ most mystifying phenomena. Researchers, including Kumar, have been interested in harnessing quantum entanglement for several applications, including quantum communications. “Researchers have been trying to entangle a larger and larger set of atoms or photons to develop substrates on which to design and build a quantum machine,” Kumar said.

Now that they have demonstrated that it’s possible to create quantum entanglement from biological particles, next Kumar and his team plan to make a biological substrate of entangled particles, which could be used to build a quantum machine.


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