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FDA Takes Action Against Companies Selling Fraudulent 'Ebola Cures'

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As the Ebola outbreak continues to spread throughout West Africa, one thing is on everyone’s minds: finding a cure. Various companies are claiming to have treatments that can cure or prevent Ebola, and those treatments can be yours! For a fee, of course. Sarcasm aside, there is no cure or treatment for Ebola yet, and anyone saying otherwise is just trying to swindle you. The agency has issued warning letters to three separate companies that are marketing Ebola cures, demanding that they cease the sale of their products. “Unfortunately, during outbreak situations, fraudulent products claiming to prevent, treat or cure a disease almost always appear,” the FDA said in a statement. The Natural Solutions Foundation purports to sell two products that can eliminate Ebola: Hemp Oil and Nano Silver.

In a YouTube video on the site’s homepage titled “None Need Die from Ebola,” a woman named Dr. Rima Laibow makes the claim that Nano Silver has been shown “To inactivate viruses like the HIV virus, the hepatitis B and C virus, influenza viruses like H5N1, and Ebola virus.” Dang, that’s one impressive resume.


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