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Firm To Use Blockchain For Real-Time Analysis Of Molecular Data

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Nano Global has announced it will develop a system-on-chip using blockchain technology to analyze molecular data and help identify treatments for superbugs, among other things.

In a November 21 press release, the molecular data company Nano Global announced that it has partnered with the semiconductor firm Arm to develop a system-on-chip which leverages several emergent technologies, including blockchain, in the capture and analysis of “Molecular-level data in real time.”

The bulletin suggests that the technology, which “Can be used in the recognition and analysis of health threats caused by pathogens and other living organisms,” might have implications on the research and treatment of superbugs and other infectious diseases, as well as cancer.

A video embedded in the announcement explained that the forthcoming technology is expected to “Identify molecular structures such as pathogens in the same way that faces are identified today” by facial recognition software.

Nano Global is not the first organization to intertwine blockchain technology with molecular and biomedical research. The first delivery of Nano Global’s chips is “Expected by 2020.”.

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