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‘Floating food’ invention could start new culinary craze

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Floating food could be the next culinary craze thanks to a new invention that levitates, transports and delivers food and drink directly onto your tongue. Early findings show that levitated food delivers more intense flavours for the tastes that have been experimented with so far – sweet, bitter, and umami.

“Indeed, most of us are familiar with molecular gastronomy, where the physical and chemical make-up of food is changed to deliver new taste experiences. Foams, gels and fogs are all common sights on plates in Michelin-starred restaurants these days.”

“Some top chefs are even already presenting dishes with levitation but this tends to use magnetic force, meaning that the plate rather than the food is floating. Our study is the first to show that it is possible to levitate the food and drink morsels themselves, opening up a whole new design space.”

By changing these patterns, the food can be carried along on the wave and delivered to a precise location.

While the current proof-of-concept device can only levitate tiny food morsels, the TastyFloats concept’s vision is to deliver bigger items in the future, which can allow more complex combinations of food items.

The technology can be fine-tuned to such a degree that it can even deliver food in a certain order, such as cheese followed by wine, or together, such as espresso with milk.


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