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Flow Brainwaves Spike Between Daydreaming and Dreaming Dreaming

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It’s a brain state that fascinates scientists because it appears to be the well from which creativity flows. As Steven Kotler says, flow has to do with neuroelectricity. When you’re in a daydreamy, or “Alpha,” state, your brainwaves are oscillating at a rate of 8 to 12 Hz. Simplified 10 Hz alpha wave. It’s in-between these two dreamy states where flow-the most engaged state there is-happens. Could it be that when the two states are balanced just so, a third state emerges like a difference tone in music?

When you have a flash of inspiration or clarity-an aha moment-your brain briefly produces high-intensity “Gamma” brainwaves oscillating 38 to 42 times per second, the fastest that brainwaves can go.

You can’t stay in a gamma state; it’s just a quick spike.


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