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Gravity Could Be Produced by Bizarre Quantum ‘Flashes’

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String theory, the math behind the theories remains incompatible.

New research from Antoine Tilloy of the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching, Germany, suggests that gravity might be an attribute of random fluctuations on the quantum level, which would supplant gravity as the more fundamental theory and put us on the path to a unified theory of the physical universe.

In quantum theory, a particle’s state is described by its wave function. Tilloy meddled with this model to extend quantum theory to encompass gravity.

According to Tilloy’s theory, this creates a fluctuating gravitational field, and the gravitational field produced by the average of these fluctuations is compatible with Newton’s theory of gravity.

If gravity comes from quantum processes, but nevertheless behaves in a classical way, what we have is a “Semiclassical” theory.

It fits Newton’s theory of gravity, but Tilloy’s yet to work out the math to show that the quantum theory also describes gravity under Einstein’s theory of general relativity.


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