Heliopatch the wearable that Could Replace Antioxidant Supplements

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Human Half-Cell releases the Heliopatch, a patch that could enhance both cognitive and physical performance based on placement location of the patch.

Austin TX, April. 20th, 2016 — Free radicals are thought to be the basis for much of our aches and are a component of inflammation, but they cause more than just pain, according to the Free Radical Theory of Aging they are also closely intertwined with aging and degradation itself.(1) When we workout or do a repetitive motion like play drums or cut hair our tendons and ligaments are put under continuous stress, which leads to inflammation of the knee, elbow or any other area of the body that is being worked.

Human Half-Cell examines what is actually happening at the cellular and molecular level to solve the problem of inflammation, for athletes, for pains, for aging, and for women during their tender time of the month, Heliopatch may be their relief from discomfort.

“My passion has always been life extension, when Jason brought up this idea he had been wanting to work on, I saw it as a gateway to get into life extension and all of it’s applications.” – Michael Kiamanesh — Founder & CEO of Human Half-Cell

Human Half-Cell Technology is based on the understanding of how free radicals, which are molecules with an unpaired valence electron, steal electrons from healthy cells or other vital components causing damage and inflammation to the tissue. Free radicals are particularly dangerous because sometimes they even steal an electron from your DNA causing critical or irreparable damage that can lead to harmful mutations.

So how does it work? In order to mitigate this damage Human Half-Cell figured out how to provide the person with huge amounts of pure antioxidants, in the form of the naked electron, by making the person become one half of a battery. If it is understood that all an antioxidant does is donate an electron without needing one in return to a free radical, which is a molecule or atom that has an unpaired electron, and will steal it from wherever it can, then the true antioxidant is simply that donated electron.
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These naked or solvated electrons travel freely and easily through the body, penetrating deeply and are uniquely able to neutralize free radicals at a distance unlike typical molecular antioxidants. When you apply the patch, elemental magnesium in the patch oxidizes, donating its electrons into the body. The donated electrons from the magnesium seek out positively charged free radicals, providing them with an electron they would otherwise steal from healthy cells. Now that the free radicals are neutralized and harmless, inflammation can go down, and the area that was bothering you before feels better and stronger.

Since Heliopatch is able to use anti-oxidants, Heliopatch can be considered a performance enhancer. The more free radicals you have within range of the patch, the faster the transfer of electrons and ions takes place, making the Heliopatch a self-adjusting remedy. A person using the patch should feel the results within 15 to 30 minutes of applying the patch, and depending on the severity of the inflammation in total, can last longer than a day. (2)

Heliopatch Regular Strength is now available for sale on the Heliopatch website, and Amazon with free shipping and free returns, so there is no risk if it doesn’t work for you. If you are still unsure about how it works, there are fully detailed images, diagrams and explanations on the website or in the links below.


“Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging”
“The Human Half-Cell Effect”

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1 thought on “Heliopatch the wearable that Could Replace Antioxidant Supplements

    Steven Michael Bogarat

    (January 16, 2018 - 11:01 am)

    I received Helio Patch yesterday and opened the package right off….After reading the instructions I pulled the sticky part off..put the round coin shaped piece on my knee and then applied the adhesive..I hope I did that correctly..I wore it for 24 hours….
    I bouht Helio Patch after trying Quell…Lidocaine patches..Salonpas…every OTC product I could buy..I have fibromyalgia..arthritis…constant sore muscles all over my body…I try to stay active and walk 5 miles/day….My right knee became swollen/painful to the point of distraction. 2 doctors told me to wait and give it time to heal with ice/heat…NO RELIEF!…I hope Helio Patch will help….Thanks

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