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Higgs Boson Could Predict Superpartner Particles, but Only If BICEP2 Holds Up – NOVA Next | PBS

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What happens when you incorporate the Higgs boson into models of the early universe? You may not get any universe at all. The discovery of the Higgs boson two years ago promised to upend our understanding of the universe, and it appears to be doing just that. Of the early inflationary universe, they found that the universe blasted into existence, but only for a second.

Proposes that there are superpartner particles for all the currently known particles, and perhaps more-powerful particle accelerators could find these particles, Hogan said.

Hogan’s model assumes the results from the BICEP2 experiment. Should the BICEP2 results hold up, Hogan and his colleagues results may suggest the existence of new particles.

As we’ve seen in the last few months, probing the early universe isn’t a straightforward task.


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