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HIV Virus Does Not Directly Cause AIDS, According to Scientists

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It’s a well-known fact that HIV i.e. Human Immunodeficiency Virus is transmitted from person to person via unprotected physical contact and many other ways. The new findings suggest that HIV turns into the deadly AIDS via cell-to-cell transmission and HIV virus does not directly cause AIDS disease. The virus infects few cells, and then these cells pass HIV to the healthy cells, which respond by killing themselves.

Thus, when enough cells die and the count of CD4 cells drops to a dangerous level, the HIV infection turns into AIDS. This discovery could change the way HIV is treated, as now researchers think that they have a new method to stop the turning of HIV virus into AIDS by this new understanding of infection.

“Cell-to-cell transmission of HIV is absolutely required for activation of the pathogenic HIV cell-death pathway.”

As mentioned above, the researchers are considering the new ways to stop the progression of HIV virus to AIDS state as the HIV virus does not directly cause AIDS.”By preventing cell-to-cell transmission, we may able to block the death pathway and stop the progression from HIV infection to AIDS,” explains specialist Warner C. Greene.

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