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How The Nature of Information Could Resolve One of The Great Paradoxes Of Cosmology

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Can a new theory of information rescue cosmologists?One of the biggest puzzles in science is the cosmological constant paradox. There is an important consequence from having a specific position - there must be some information associated with this location in 3D space. If a location is unknown, then the amount of information must be small.

Back in the 1960s, the physicist Rolf Landauer suggested that every bit of information had an energy associated with it, an idea that has gained considerable traction since then.

Fields also asks how much information is required to encode the position of stars to the much higher resolution associated with the Planck length. First, there is the hint in Fields’ ideas that information provides the ghostly bedrock on which the laws of physics are based.

What is all too clear is that there are fundamental and fascinating problems in cosmology - and the role that information plays in reality.


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