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IBM Just Put A Quantum Computer On The Cloud For Anyone To Use

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As IBM’s research division pursues a multi-year quest to build a universal quantum computer more powerful than any supercomputer in the world, it’s sharing its latest progress with smaller quantum processors on the cloud for the world to join in.

“We like to say it’s colder than space,” says Jerry Chow, manager of the experimental quantum computing team at IBM Research. At 50 qubits, a quantum computer will be able to run experiments that no traditional computer will be able to emulate, no matter how big or how fast. IBM Research’s fridges today house quantum processors of just five.

At a new site called the IBM Quantum Experience, researchers and quantum fans will now be able to run their own experiments on one of the research lab’s actual quantum processors hooked up to the cloud.

IBM is offering tutorials on quantum mechanics and an interface for easily dragging and dropping operations to create an algorithm to run on the quantum processor.

Besides allowing researchers playing with the IBM quantum processor on the cloud, IBM will also look to create immediate value by inviting its customers to join a new group called the IBM Research Frontiers Institute.


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