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IBM to deliver 200-petaflop supercomputer by early 2018; Cray moves to Intel Xeon Phi – ExtremeTech

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More supercomputer news this week: The US is responding to China’s new Sunway TaihuLight system that was announced Monday, and fast.

First, the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory is expected to take delivery of a new IBM system, named Summit, in early 2018 that will now be capable of 200 peak petaflops, Computerworld reports.

Not only is TaihuLight roughly three times faster than China’s Tianhe-2, the prior champion, but it also uses no US-sourced parts at all for the first time, as it’s powered by Sunway 260-core SW26010 processors that are roughly on par with Intel Xeon Phi, as well as custom proprietary interconnect.

Titan is currently #3 on the TOP500 list, and resides at the DOE Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where the new IBM Summit system will be located.

Separately, Cray announced this week at the 2016 International Supercomputing Conference in Frankfurt, Germany that its Cray XC systems are now available with the latest Intel Xeon Phi processors.

The company said the new XC systems, which feature an adaptive design that supports multiple processor and storage technologies in the same architecture, deliver a 100% performance boost over prior generations.

Cray also unveiled the Sonexion 3000 Lustre storage system, which can deliver speeds of almost 100GB/sec in a single rack.


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