In an Age of Terrorism We Have To Make it Harder for Terrorists to get Guns

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Many of the issues in the gun debate would be solved if people simply went through a proper and American legal process or background check before being able to purchase a gun and illegal gun trading between friends or craigslist ads were banned.

Why? Because people who are sincerely concerned about their safety need to also know that the other side finds it more difficult to acquire a gun. Gun owners who are pro second amendment do not realize that their fanaticism for total unregulated gun sales are also making it more dangerous for themselves and others to live in the United States. Such as a non-citizen of the United States being able to carry or with a Federal Criminal Record being easily able to buy and purchase a gun without the need of a proper background check. Let’s be realistic here, no one wants to take away the second amendment, people just want to know that gun purchases are not being made by terrorists or criminals which makes a lot of sense.

In terms of safety the United States has an advantage that it is mostly surrounded by oceans with control points between borders and airports and Terrorists really don’t seem to be crossing the border much, just impoverished Mexicans who are simply economic refugees. However, the issue with an ideology is that when people are secluded and then radicalized it does not matter how they come into a country because they may not have been radicalized before hand, they simply could fly in and previously be normal people. The danger of an ideology is that anyone on the outliers of society can be converted. This is why kindness and being non-discriminatory and making normal people feel as if they are accepted is so important.

But what does this really mean for the gun industry and sales? To be honest, nothing, just a longer time between the purchase of a gun and the purchase, people are still going to buy. Most gun sales will not be disrupted, they will simply take longer and those that do not go through will be a reminder to you and your families that there is one less criminal or non-naturalized citizen out there with the ability to buy a gun. This is why gun advocates should be more careful about their own radicalism to sell guns….the fact is you really never know who you are selling it to unless you check…

Conservatives should know, that NOBODY has interest in taking their guns, most people who own guns are mostly for recreation and enjoyment, not to kill people. What the people want and really need is the denial of gun sales or ownership without the infringing of the rights of law abiding citizens. Law abiding citizens should be able to own a gun for their enjoyment or safety but allowing just anyone, a terrorist or a murder to own or purchase a gun is counterproductive to the American people. Smart guns of the future will make it more difficult for illegal transactions between non-citizens or criminals because a gun will be customized only to recognize the owner saving millions of kids from accidental shootings in the home and saving people’s lives at the same time protecting their rights as an American Citizen.

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