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Inside the weird world of quantum computers

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Quantum computing uses quantum bits, or ‘qubits’ instead. These are quantum systems with two states. This means a computer using these bits can store a huge amount more information using less energy than a classical computer. Last year, a team of Google and Nasa scientists found a D-wave quantum computer was 100 million times faster than a conventional computer. Commercial quantum computer systems “With ~50 qubits” will be created “In the next few years,” IBM claims. Now, scientists from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Russian Quantum Centre are looking into an alternative way of quantum computing.

Quantum computers are already in use, in the sense that logic gates have been made using two qubits, but getting quantum computers to work on an industrial scale is the problem.

“The progress in that field is rather rapid but no one can promise when we come to wide use of quantum computation,” Fedorov told WIRED. Elsewhere, in a step towards quantum computing, researchers have guided electrons through semiconductors using incredibly short pulses of light.


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