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Insilico Medicine launches Aging.AI — deep-learned predictor of age trained on blood tests

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AI, a system allowing users to guess their age and gender by entering the results of their blood test.

The system will not be used for medical purposes at this time and is focused on gamification of consumer blood testing and attracting the attention of the general public to the importance of periodic blood tests.

AI is not a transcriptomic marker, it is a side project of the company’s collaboration with leading diagnostic centers providing fully-anonymized blood biochemistry and cell-count test data linked to age and gender of patients that are presumably free of life-threatening diseases other than aging.

Almost a million samples were used to train an ensemble of deep neural networks to predict age and gender of the patient and deployed as a web-based tool, which can be used for entertainment purposes by the customers of diagnostic clinics and make blood testing more fun.

Some of the highlights of 2015 included the development of deep learning systems trained on the NVIDIAR DIGITS™DevBox achieving high levels of accuracy in recognizing images, translating speech, autonomous driving and several other fields.

“Blood tests can help detect problems before these problems turn into pathologies. Blood can tell a lot about the person and it is a true science turning the anonymized statistical data into life-saving interventions and to encourage people to learn about the many components of their blood. INVITRO supports many medical scientific projects, from regular students’ research to breakthrough technologies of 3D-Bioprinting solutions. We also expect that our anonymized data will become a good base for Aging.AI success. We share very much the Aging.AI approach to make blood testing both educational and fun,” said Alexander Ostrovskiy, Chairman of the Board of INVITRO Laboratories.

The company utilizes advanced signaling pathway analysis and a technique called deep learning to discover drugs that slow down or even reverse aging in various tissues.


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