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Intel unveils an AI chip that mimics the human brain

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These types of chips would give us the sort of AI behavior we expect – namely, robots and other devices that can learn as they go. “The test chip [has] enormous potential to improve automotive and industrial applications as well as personal robots,” Intel says. IBM has also developed a neuromorphic chip called “TrueNorth,” for instance, with 4096 processors that simulate around 256 million synapses. Facebook’s deep learning specialist Yann LeCun said that chip wouldn’t easily be able to do tasks like image recognition using the NeuFlow convolution model he designed. Intel has also admitted that its neuromorphic chip wouldn’t do well with some types of deep-learning models. Via its acquisition of Movidius and MobilEye it’s already got a line of machine vision and learning chips that do work with current AI algorithms.

The aim is test the chip’s feasibility for new types of AI applications to boost further development.


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