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It's possible that there is a "mirror universe" where time moves backwards, say scientists

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Although we experience time in one direction-we all get older, we have records of the past but not the future-there’s nothing in the laws of physics that insists time must move forward.

In trying to solve the puzzle of why time moves in a certain direction, many physicists have settled on entropy, the level of molecular disorder in a system, which continually increases.

Two separate groups of prominent physicists are working on models that examine the initial conditions that might have created the arrow of time, and both seem to show time moving in two different directions.

When the Big Bang created our universe, these physicists believe it also created an inverse mirror universe where time moves in the opposite direction. From our perspective, time in the parallel universe moves backward.

“You start at that central Janus point where the motion is chaotic -that’s like the Greek notion of primordial chaos-but then in both directions you get this structure forming. If the theory is right, then there’s another universe on the other side of the big bang in which the direction of experience of time is opposite to ours.”

Still, if classical physics alone is distorting our preconceptions of time, then it suggests there’s certainly more to time than our linear, one-directional experience.


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