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Keithj Carlock

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Carlock’s obsession has gotten him kicked out of schools, locked up in institutions and shot up with medicines.

Then one day in March- it was her anniversary with her husband, Scott, who she said is more likely to laugh with Carlock around- Carlock drew her a model of an invisibility machine on a napkin at the Owensboro restaurant Zazu’s.

If Carlock had the resources, he said, he’d build a room-sized lenticular box that would use various lenses to lay images on top of one another to form a 360-degree landscape.

The limitations of traditional camouflage is that it doesn’t change with its environment- in Carlock’s suit, the lenses would soak up the background as the soldier moved, allowing for movement against a besieged cityscape.

Carlock thinks his ideas could speed up the process. People who knew Carlock during his more troubled times either didn’t respond to messages or declined to comment.

The last few months Carlock has searched the Internet for other people’s ideas and e-mailed his own with Moynihan to find out if he is indeed onto something.


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