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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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This week’s FactorFuture seeks to extrapolate into this AI-led world over the next decade and see what would be some major emerging shifts.

What we’ve seen from Google IO and, to a lesser extent, on Facebook F8 earlier this year is that now computers are also getting good at ‘seeing’ things to visually understand the world at a basic component level.

While the worst cyberattacks still do not leave us permanently crippled today, it will be catastrophic in a soon-to-come AI-first world.

As we become fully dependent on an autonomous, AI-controlled cyber defence systems to keep us from plunging our world into chaos, the vicious imaginings from our dystopian fiction may just come crawling out.

AI support would become necessary to determine policies as leaders use these systems to churn through increasingly large amount of personal and public data and identify policy implications in an increasingly complex, interconnected world.

Culturally, we are laying the ground work for such a world today.

Some of these may even be virtual as the rise of AR enables mapping virtual entities onto our world.


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