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Light-Speed Computers? Discovery of a New Platinum-Tin Metal Could Make Them So

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Researchers have discovered a new metal that could revolutionize computing technology.

Scientists at the Ames Laboratory revealed Monday that they have discovered a combination of platinum and tin that can transport electrons almost as fast as the speed of light.

The material could one day be used to power computers and gadgets. “This type of electron transport is very special,” Adam Kaminski, Ames Laboratory scientist, says in a release about the discovery. The team used a special machine, a laser-based angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy instrument, to discover the new material. The development of the machine has given the team unprecedented capabilities for working out which materials may hold unique properties.

“Combining with Ames Laboratory’s computational modeling abilities and our 80-year reputation in designing and growing new materials has led to our success in this discovery,” Paul Canfield, Ames Laboratory scientist, adds.


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