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L'Oreal to begin 3D-printing human skin

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All of these technologies point to the reality of NASA’s usefulness over the years, and that with twice the budget its ability to innovate and shape consumer life could be even greater.

NASA’s budget proposal, if followed biblically with all the details adhered to, would allow the agency to fulfill their promise of bringing a stream of gadgets to the global customer base.

As the number of employed individuals at any of NASA’s facilities drops lower than the standard 18,000, a critical factor in NASA’s sustainability will be a massive influx of young and determined Millennials.

In the overview section of The Space Foundation’s “Space Report”, pie charts depict over three-fourths of space activity in 2013 coming from commercial products and infrastructure, of which NASA is a large contributor.

An online poll from early 2013 claimed that 26% of the people who participated see no reason in extending NASA’s budget. When asked why, some announced their disapproval with the percentage of the U.S. federal budget allocated to NASA research.

As the stars in the night sky beckon our arrival, it is imperative that we not only privatize access to space, but also return to the roots of space enthusiasm and supply the original source of these discoveries and missions, NASA, with a sizable share of the government’s spending money.


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