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MARS: How We Get There Safely, Economically and A-Politically.

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‘We… do not criticize any education systems behaviour plans/formats, but only freely disclose a simple standard “IEP” formula prior to the academic-review completion for global educational implementation.

‘Our… “IEP” formula facilitates accountability of “Quality” through intrinsic motivation for “Passion” through self application of thought in “Purpose” first/prior to actions.

The “IEP” formula approach is to empower students by having them select measurable goals that the student will meet during the entire school day.

The “IEP” formula results in an immediate facilitation of surplus within the educational environment at all levels that will perpetuate with consistency as a cultural norm despite individual differences/challenges.

No matter the varying demographic among students, the individuals will now function as “Individually collective” attaining the same goal for fundamental basis in “Purpose.” ‘We… release this “Selfless” concept for use within education systems globally, and it implements easily and seamlessly with any/all current “IEP” plans/programs because it targets intrinsic factors whereas others target extrinsic factors.

‘Our… valid discovery fact implements a “Global IEP Formula” that empowers intrinsic motivation.

These systems/plans can be used to help identify and remind the student of their negative action that is not in adherence with any of the three previously mentioned intrinsic quality measures within student education “Purpose”.


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