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Microsoft Launches Free Preview Version Of Its Quantum Development Kit | HotHardware

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Back in September, we talked about the groundwork Microsoft was laying for quantum computing with a new programming language in development. Not even three months later, Microsoft is ready to toss a free preview version of that new language to the public and it’s called the Quantum Development Kit. That dev kit includes the Q# programming language, a quantum computing simulator, and other resources for people who want to write apps for quantum computers. The local quantum computer simulator can simulate around 30 logical qubits of quantum computing power.

The goal of that content is to give the background that devs will need to take advantage of aspects of computing that are unique to quantum systems, like quantum teleportation.

Quantum teleportation sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but it is a method of securely sharing information across qubits connected by quantum entanglement.

What will quantum computers be sued for in the future? Microsoft’s Allison Linn wrote, “Experts believe quantum computers could allow scientists to address some of the world’s toughest challenges, such as world hunger or the dangerous effects of climate change. That’s partly because quantum computers will be able to do calculations in hours or even minutes that would take the lifetime of the universe for even the most advanced classical computers in use today.”


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