Nanorobots Programmed to Destroy a Tumor!

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They successfully test a system in mice that fights by letting the tumor starve without attacking healthy cells.

New ways to fight cancer

The films Fantastic Voyage (1966) and The Imaginary Chip (1987) imagined what it would be like to put a miniature manned submarine inside a person capable of traveling through the bloodstream to repair the damaged tissues of a brain. For years, that same concept, that of miniaturizing treatments and directing them towards a specific part of the human body, is being investigated in various laboratories to detect and fight diseases, with an eye especially on cancer.

The advances, like the one presented this week by a team of researchers from the US and China, are promising and suggest that we are not far from making these precision treatments possible thanks to the so-called nanomedicine. Specifically, the team led by the Chinese Hao Yan, of the Institute of Biodiseño of the University of the State of Arizona (ASU), in the USA, assures to have tested with success in mice some tiny robots programmed to destroy .

The mission of the nanorrobot is to prevent the blood that feeds it from getting into the tumor and allowing it to grow. JASON DREES / ASU

The details of his study, conducted in collaboration with the National Center for Nanoscience and (NCNST) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have been published in the journal Nature Biotechnology .

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