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Neuroscience can now curate music based on your brainwaves, not your music taste

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Companies and composers have begun using software to make music customized to your brainwaves.

As consumer desire for personalized information and outcomes increases, the ability to listen to music that is literally in tune with your brain will provide a whole new business opportunity in the world of music streaming.

For his next act, he is using brainwave-imaging software to change how he creates his music.

In Group A, Miranda tried to inspire happiness and energy by having subjects listen to fast-paced music; in Group B, he tried to divine sadness with slower tempo, gloomy tunes; and in Group C, a control group, listeners heard neutral music intended to sustain their current mood.

By connecting how the brain synchronizes its electrical frequencies with the rhythm of music, Miranda posits that certain beats coerce alpha and beta waves-two of the six types of brain waves-into a desired state.

Fm to learn how to create music more biologically in key with their target audience.

By synchronizing our biological rhythm to environmental cues like music, consumers will soon be able to optimize and choose when they relax, focus, and fight anxiety.


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1 thought on “Neuroscience can now curate music based on your brainwaves, not your music taste

    Bastián Arturo Benito Tapia

    (October 29, 2017 - 7:53 am)

    The identity like human fingerprint is now the brainwave singularity?

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