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New Automation Technologies are Revolutionizing Farming

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The same technological advances that brought us the Internet are about to change farming forever, though some say it’s a bittersweet way to make sure the world gets its organic produce on schedule.

The technologies used for the old-paradigm mono-crop are getting more high-tech than ever, but will this affect the slow-food movement, and the desire of consumers to access high quality, non-GM, organic food from their farmer down the lane?

One such example of the latest farming technology is satellite driven geo-positioning systems and sensors that detect nutrients and water in soil.

Conventional farming, or mono-cropping, has relied on heavy use of chemicals and genetically modified seed, while some of the new farming technologies, like a robot that pulls weeds, eliminate the need for herbicides and pesticides.

Some farmers are placing fitness trackers on farm animals to monitor their health and welfare.

At the head of all this you will hear about the latest technology from the biotech world, such as CRISPR, that allows scientists to edit the very genome of a plant or animal, but not all technologies that can be used should be used.

While learning to grow massive quantities of organic food in urban landscapes without pesticides is great news, taking away human oversight from farming isn’t necessarily going to make our food better.


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