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No, there is no “missing link” in human evolution.

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We’re also not looking at a chain, where there are clear stops along the track, and there are no clear branches that we can look to in order to trace our progress forwards and our evolution upwards.

Because the evidence supporting it is so strong, scientists no longer question whether biological evolution has occurred and is continuing to occur.

The term “Missing link” seems to imply that there is a problem in evolution-like there is some key bit of information that we are missing, like there is some grand gap in the historical record that throws the theory of evolution into doubt.

Tracing the History of the Missing Link In an 1850’s publication, upon noting an incomplete fossil record when looking a the Cretaceous period, Charles Lyell called it, “a break in the chain implying no doubt many missing links in the series of geological monuments which we may some day be able to supply.” Of course, Lyell wasn’t saying this as though there is some huge gap, some great missing connective tissue that throws the theory of evolution into chaosbecause evolution wasn’t even a proposition yet.

People who don’t understand evolution still use the notion of the missing link to mean “One great empty chasm where man’s predecessor should be.” And these individuals use this idea to argue that evolution must be wrong.

In all of the fossils that we have we haven’t discovered a single fossil indicating that evolution is wrong.

There is no great outlier that doesn’t fit in with the theory of evolution.


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