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Recently, a team of OMST scientists, with input from collaborators at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics, completed a project funded by the Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program to examine in detail coupling mechanisms between lasers and contaminants on optical surfaces.

Airborne particles generated during laser operation or present in a laboratory environment can relocate to other areas, potentially contaminating optical surfaces. Debris on the input side of an optical component can diffract incoming laser light, altering the beam path and promoting damage initiation on the exit side of the optic. Matthews’ LDRD team took a multifaceted approach to investigating the interaction of laser energy with micrometer-scale metallic and glass particles on optical surfaces.

Laser-induced pitting scatters the light from the laser and causes the optical surface to become hazy, but the team was not sure how problematic such effects were to overall laser performance.

Matthews also cites industrial settings in which optical surfaces play an important role, such as in lasers used to generate patterns or for machining materials with holes.

Key Words: debris, high-power laser, Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program, National Ignition Facility, optic, optical damage, optical system, Optics and Materials Science and Technology organization, particle, plasma formation, surface contamination.


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    Richard McManus

    (October 29, 2017 - 12:02 pm)

    We are in a war on science. And there is irrefutable scientific evidence that the official story about 9/11 is BS.

    Common sense Evidence

    1. the fact that devote extremist Muslims drank alcohol, used prostitutes and could not safely fly a small private airplane, but they are alleged to have done the mass murder on 9/11. Many skill commercial pilots are telling me that it was impossible for them to fly a 767 or 757.

    2. the fact that never has a steel high rise building collapsed due to fire before or after 9/11.

    3. How did the alleged terrorist know this would be the best time to attack because there were some 13 war games in progress on 9/11? The fact that US Air Force/NORAD left what a yawning gap its air defenses on the East Coast without enough F-16s to handle four commercial airplane hijackings-a gap with New York City at the center. How did the alleged terrorist know this would be the best time to attack?

    4. the fact that militarized anthrax, only produced in DoD bio-weapon labs or Bechtel labs was be sent to people soon after 9/11 and with notes indicating a link to Al Qaeda or 9/11.

    5. the fact that nano-thermite was found in random samples of the dust, these samples were collected on September 11, 2001. Later a scientist look at the dust and found the microscopic red/gray chips of nano-thermite, a compound made by Lawrence Livermore labs for DoD a year or so prior to 9/11. We have a chain of custody of these samples and sworn statements by the people who collected the dust. They collected the dust as souvenirs.

    6. the fact that fire fighters and workers removing the wreckage saw melted steel in wreckage and there is evidence that steel beams having been melted paper thin.

    7. Or the fact that someone made $2.5 million in profit made from insider information and trading in put options in United Airlines stock as the stock price crashed after 9/11, yet they did not bother to claim the money.

    8. a FEMA bio-warfare training exercise called Tripod II, was scheduled and in progress on September 11th in Manhattan. FEMA was set up on September 10th, fully staffed on Manhattan’s Pier 29. The New York City emergency command center in WTC 7 was also re-located for this exercise to its alternate location at Pier 29, the building not hit by an airplane. And we have two NYC EOC workers who say they were trapped inside WTC 7 due to an explosion in a stairway AND this explosion occurred prior to the collapse of the first Twin Tower that collapsed.

    9. there are many witnesses that heard and/or saw explosions prior to and during the collapsing of the WTC buildings. Every floor within the World Trade Center buildings contained four to five inches of reinforced concrete. All of this concrete turned to dust or “pulverized” fire fighters said. If the buildings collapsed due to fire, there should have been large pieces of these concrete floors found in the wreckage due to crushing of upper floors onto lower floors.
    10. Then there is the following evidence that is just too damn good to be just due to chance.
    FBI agent Dan Coleman explains that the undamaged passport belonging to Satam Al Suqami had been given to a to a New York City detective on the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the fifth precinct by a mysterious man who then “ran off” after having handed the passport. Satam Al Suqami was supposedly on Flight 11, the plane that hit the North Tower.
    Because of an American policy instated just before Sept. 11 to curb baggage-related flight delays, Mohammad Atta’s two checked bags – which had been held up from an earlier flight – were left behind in Boston, says the employee, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal from the Dallas-based carrier, which continues to gag all employees from talking about the Sept. 11 hijackings. Two of the hijacked flights were American. The bag included a flight operating manual for the Boeing 757 and a Koran.

    For scientific facts see:

    2,878 architects and engineers, some 600 PhD scientists and some 350 skilled commercial airplane pilots want a new Congressional investigation.
    In order to tell you about all the experts who want a new Congressional investigation of 9/11 I have enclosed that following links/URLs. I also recommend you watch the following video tape by Dr. Steven Jones, PhD in physics explaining nanothermite that was found in the dust after the World Trade Center buildings collapsed.
    For a scientific explanation of nanothermite SEE
    !!!! part one and two

    If you want to read my 100 page research paper “Irrefutable Evidence – The 9/11 Official Story is Total BS” send me an email at and I will reply with it attached for free.

    9/11 Truth Seattle

    Citizens need to know what public officials and candidates stand for and some national issues go to the very heart of who they are

    News and Views That Corporate Media Tries Hard to Hide
    Science Teachers for a New 9/11 Investigation

    Richard McManus
    Chief Warrant Officer-3/counterintelligence special agent, and combat paramedic/LPN, Vietnam, US Army retired, Everett, WA

    Richard McManus

    (October 29, 2017 - 12:02 pm)

    Ossoff really won!

    July 4, 2017 ATLANTA – Georgia’s electronic touchscreen voting system is so riddled with problems that it should be tossed out and a new election held, according to a lawsuit filed by a government watchdog group and six Georgia voters. The lawsuit was filed Monday in Fulton County Superior Court by the Colorado-based Coalition for Good Governance.

    Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. Handel was declared the winner with 52 percent of the vote to Ossoff’s 48.
    Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp Kemp asserted that states are doing enough to keep elections secure, and he said, “Anything to the contrary is fake news.” Doesn’t that talking-point sound familiar?!

    COMMENT: For the irrefutable data/evidence proving that the touch-screen voting machines companies committed ELECTION FRAUD see the below link/URL. We have been telling Americans since about 2004 that the only way to make sure these voting machines are not stealing our elections, is to go back to paper ballots that can be re-counted when the odds that a Republican candidate won, are just too unbelievable or my magic.

    A strong correlation between hackable machines and the Clinton-Sanders spread Ohio, South Carolina, Alabama, Boston, Chicago, New York, and many others.
    The final results said Clinton won by 47.5%, however there was an unbelievable 1.5% exit polling difference.

    Entering the South Carolina primary, the pledged delegate count was 52-51. CNN’s poll two weeks out projected an 18 point Clinton win. Ann Selzer, the best pollster in the United States, projected a 22 point Clinton win. RealClearPolitics’ polling average projected a 27.5% win. FiveThirtyEight was much bolder in projecting a 38.3% Clinton win. The early full exit poll said Clinton had won by 36%, pretty close to FiveThirtyEight’s call. Tellingly, white people in that exit poll went for Sanders 58-42. And the exit polls had to adjust their initial figures to a 53-47 Clinton win with white Democrats in South Carolina.

    And controlling for factors like African American voters or wealth does not account for this phenomenon. Take for instance Mobile where the population is 35.3% black versus a 24.6% black population in Madison County. A 10% difference in black population does not account for a 28% difference in the Clinton-Sanders spread. What’s more, if you compare Mobile to a very similar county in North Carolina (where the exit polls did not really miss), you see something similarly telling.
    Cumberland County, NC is very comparative to Mobile, Alabama. They have similar populations, similar numbers of black residents (with Cumberland slightly higher at 37.6% African American), very similar per capita income figures, and both counties had about 35,000 Democratic voters. Clinton won Cumberland by 32.8%, very close to the Madison County (DS200 model) results and about half the percentage spread Clinton saw in Mobile (Model 100).

    In Massachusetts where she went from a projected 6.6% loss to a 1.4% win over Sanders.
    Of the theories we have so far for why exit polling missed in Alabama by a huge 14%, the only theory that provides a reasonable explanation is vote tabulating machine tampering.
    Until someone comes up with such a workable theory, election fraud benefiting Hillary Clinton to the tune of a 120 to 150 pledged delegate difference, is the best explanation
    Correlating Exit Polling Misses and Bad Machines

    The above research with the strong correlations and actual evidence of potential vote tampering in places like Arizona, New York, and Chicago, demands more investigation by the FBI. But again where is the main stream media on this problem/crime?!
    Greg Palast: How Racist Voter Suppression Could Cost Jon Ossoff the Georgia Election JUNE 15, 2017
    for more see:

    facebook page “Coalition for Good Governance”
    Podesta Emails Published on Mar 25, 2017
    Information about Hillary Clinton’s ties to big corporations via the podestaGROUP.
    And what wikileaks uncovered from emails they somehow gained access to.

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