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Physicists are Using Lasers to Test Quantum Gravity Theories

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A team of physicists has proposed using a laser-based experiment to test theories related to quantum gravity. Laser-based experiment to test theories of quantum gravity.

A large community of physicists is working on different models of a quantum gravity theory, in an attempt to find a “Theory of everything”, one that brings Einstein’s relativity and quantum physics together and ushers in “New physics”.

Loop quantum gravity is another theory that’s touted as a viable model of quantum gravity.

A multinational team of seven physicists has come up with a novel approach to check the predictions of quantum gravity theories without the need of very high energy scales.

If proved to be successful, this will allow physicists to devise a correct theory of quantum gravity, which would, hopefully, unify general relativity and quantum mechanics.

To get around this difficulty, the team focused on the property known as “Non-commutativity”: a characteristic of most of the proposed variants of quantum gravity, including string theory and loop quantum gravity.


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