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Physicists Discover New Kind of Matter: Excitonium

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Physicists at the University of Illinois said that they have now proven that excitonium really exists, describing the discovery as being of “Cosmic significance.”

Understanding what excitonium is like isn’t as straightforward as coming to grips with the structures of molecules or atoms, which can be visualized with the ball and stick models in high school chemistry labs, or the diagrams of rings of electrons around atoms.

Excitonium is subject to the rules of the weird and wonderful world of quantum physics, where things like enigmatic “Probability waves,” can exist simultaneously as waves and particles, defying regular human logic and Newtonian physics.

According to the researchers, excitonium is made of the energetic “Holes” made by electrons escaping from their positions. Excitonium is what is known as a “Condensate,” which like the superfluids or superconductors is subject to quantum effects. Physicists excited by #ILLINOIS team’s confirmation of a new form of matter, excitonium https://t.

“Ever since the term ‘excitonium’ was coined in the 1960s by Harvard theoretical physicist Bert Halperin, physicists have sought to demonstrate its existence.”


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