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Physicists Just Quantum Teleported Complex Light Patterns For The First Time

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Wrapping your messages up with quantum weirdness is a great way to avoid sneaky eavesdropping, but in its current form it’s more like Morse code than high speed ADSL broadband.

That could be set to change with a radical advancement in quantum technology that copies entangled patterns of light to help relay quantum codes, potentially opening the way for quantum communications with an infinite number of channels to send encrypted transmissions.

A team of Scottish and South African researchers have provided the world’s first experimental demonstration of something called entanglement swapping, which allowed them to transmit the orbital angular momentum of photons of light further than before.

Quantum information can now be relayed through a series of photons, reducing the risk of losing data and allowing them to make better use of light’s spatial patterns to carry more data.

If you want details, buckle-up and put on your fancy quantum pants.

Quantum communication has been big news recently with recent reports of entangled photons being sent down from space using a split laser beam, covering a distance of 1,200 kilometres.

Quantum mechanics might be weird enough to leave Einstein with a headache, but better get used to it.


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