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Recent Claims Invalid: Emergent Gravity Might Deliver A Universe Without Dark Matter

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The problem is, if emergent gravity just reproduces General Relativity, there’s no way to test the idea. What we need instead is a prediction from emergent gravity that deviates from General Relativity.

Verlinde pointed out that emergent gravity in a universe with a positive cosmological constant – like the one we live in – would only approximately reproduce General Relativity.

Verlinde’s idea is interesting and solves two problems that had plagued previous attempts at emergent gravity. In the new emergent gravity model, this relation follows because the apparent dark matter is related to the cosmological constant. Verlinde’s emergent gravity model does not allow the necessary analysis – at least not yet.

In summary, particle dark matter is doing fine, and emergent gravity still has a long road ahead to outcompete it.


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