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Research Explains Why You Can’t Remember Being a Baby

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Research explains why you can’t remember being a baby.

Researchers have long puzzled over why we can form memories when we’re babies, but then go on to have no recollection of those years – a phenomenon known as infantile amnesia.

Now recent research in rodents may have found the answer. It turns out all the new cells that are constantly being formed in young brains may actually be messing with our memories. Their research, published in Science, suggests that all the new neurons being formed could be pushing out established memory circuits. This new research doesn’t necessarily rule out the ideas, but shows for the first time the mechanism through which our memories are suppressed.

Mazen Kheirbek, a neuroscientist from Columbia University in the US told Vox that further research is needed to work out whether it’s the new neurons that are leading to forgetting, or the learning itself.


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