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Sony Has Filed a Patent For Contact Lenses That Record And Store Videos With The Blink of an Eye

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If you’ve seen the dystopian nightmare fuel that is BBC’s Black Mirror, you might be getting the “No no nos” about Sony’s latest patent application – ‘smart’ contact lenses with a built-in camera that can record, play, and even store videos right before your eyes.

With Google and Samsung having already filed patents for contact lenses with tiny, built-in cameras, these things seem inevitable, and they have the potential to. The patent describes contact lenses that can ‘sense’ when you’re making a deliberate blink rather than a natural one, and respond by turning the recording on or off.

While you might think that Samsung beat Sony to the punch when its very similar patent went public just three weeks ago, the key difference here is that these contact lenses have an internal storage mechanism.

When you record videos using Samsung’s hypothetical contact lenses, the footage is sent directly to an external storage device, such as your smartphone. Sony’s patent describes a technology that allows you to store everything right there in the lenses for fast and easy access to your videos.

To get enough power to sustain the recording, the lenses would use a simple process known as electromagnetic induction, where a conductor is forced through a magnetic field to induce a modest electrical current.


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