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Spherical Display Lets You See 3-D Animations from Any Angle

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Researchers from the University of São Paulo, in Brazil, and University of British Columbia, in Canada, have developed a spherical display that lets users see and interact with three-dimensional objects.

In one demonstration, viewers have the sensation of staring into a snow globe that they can control with simple gestures from any angle.

The device, called Spheree, represents the first display capable of projecting uniform, high resolution pixels on a spherical surface-a technology that also allows users to interact with the 3-D display objects by using gestures.

A basic webcam allows the algorithm to see the position of the individual projector images on the globe and compute each image’s contribution to the overall final image. The team has already tested a four pico-projector system with an 18-centimeter-wide display and an eight pico-projector system with a 51-centimeter-wide display.

Gesture control with a Leap Motion interface also allows users to interact with the 3-D scenes or animations by using gestures to start, move forward and backward, pause and stop animations.

Researchers envision Spheree helping animators or modelers by showing 3-D computer animations or the results of image-based rendering applications-perhaps as a second screen.


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